Friday, June 05, 2020

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Mongo         29/09/2013 02:24:31
Lookimg good Rhino, I aam off for foder

Mongo         29/09/2013 02:21:58
2 parrots sa ton a perch, one says I can smell fish. T a Da

Massively struggling wwith the keys, but get it keep going knobbers

Katrina         29/09/2013 02:17:54
Hi guys.. I've had a few drinkypoos in your honor and on your behalf lol.. i am finding the messages especially TM's very amusing! I think you're all doing brilliantly!.. will catch up with you in the morning hangover permitting.. Happy rowing! ;-) x

Mongo         29/09/2013 02:17:09
Right, just seen Dangerous launch himself into the time transporter brilliant, going for milk now as bungling bamsey neeeds to work in the mormning

sw         29/09/2013 02:14:58
just back fRom duets -nothing on telly so watching you lot.
we are all in ore of your effort.

Keep going til we get up . set alarm early to harass you.
when it gets tough just think about the difference you are making

Mongo         29/09/2013 02:10:42
Ahh ah as Irelax in my underpants I can confirm that dispite 10 pts of orchard wine i
I am still very much intersted in you fellas. Benny's do was short ha ha but greart. I am slightly worse for ware sorryyyy

TM         29/09/2013 02:10:07
The general consensus on leopard skin is that it is old news I'm afraid. How else may we entertain?

Helen and Ethan         29/09/2013 02:07:15
Off to bed now - will check back in a few hours. Great work guys, keep it up, not far to Blackpool ;) xxxxxxx

Flossie         29/09/2013 02:02:13
Ask hubby - he's got my credit card (possibly down his shorts !!)

TM         29/09/2013 01:59:09
Flossie, I will see if can negotiate with client. How much is it worth?


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