Friday, June 05, 2020

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Shapwick pupil         29/09/2013 05:31:09
Woke not work...soz

The Paper Boy         29/09/2013 05:29:45
The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and today . Guess what just work up and its TODAY!!!

Chris Beaven         29/09/2013 05:26:21
No holding back, dig deep, you can rest next week, straighten those legs, make us proud!!!!

The Paper Boy         29/09/2013 05:23:42
Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning. God it was one hell of a dream.. Morning.. Do you need anything delivered

Dave         29/09/2013 05:20:04
On final shift. Arsenal top of the league.

Chris Beaven         29/09/2013 05:14:21
Keep going lads, Canada is watching you, keep GUNNING for that record!!! Maybe I have had too many rums, but that is what real sailors drink

TM         29/09/2013 05:13:46
Pirates have overrun Field Mill, Mansfield, 170 miles, 273588m

TM         29/09/2013 04:20:00
Is there anybody there?

TM         29/09/2013 03:25:00
Graveyard shift now. All very tired.
Still, have reached City Ground Nottingham.

Whitey         29/09/2013 02:28:17
Keep smiling pirates..., Oh yeah and keep rowing also...
Doing brilliant .
Had too much ale to keep focusing now.
Dangerous how about a bit of singing to keep you going.

Hoist up the John B sails...
See how the mains set......
Call for the captain ashore.....

Not the best choice eh!!!

Seven little boys had 1 little toy....

Row Row Row your Boat.....

I am sailing.......


Keep going fellas



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