Friday, June 05, 2020

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Sir Bob Geldof         29/09/2013 07:17:43
A superb effort guys. And as I said live on BBC back in 1985...Give us your F***ing money now. Did I mention I'm back touring with the boomtown rats?

Yul Bryner         29/09/2013 07:15:30
on behalf of myself, Steve McQueen, Robert Vaughan, James Coburn, Charles Bronson, Brad Dexter & Horst Bucholtz. When we heard these upstarts had the cheek to name themselves after ourselves we weren't happy. But sat up here in Hollywood heaven, we all agree they are worthy of the moniker. So please support them. MAGNIFICENT!

TM         29/09/2013 06:59:23
Pirates has reached Old Trafford, Manchester 297729m

Lambrini Kid         29/09/2013 06:47:40
They sailed right through the graveyard shift,

Rowing non-stop throughout the night,

The burly Pirates rowed and rowed,

Untill the end came into sight,

And still they rowed and rowed and rowed,

With all their strength and might,

Keep going Pirates! The end is near!

Hand in there. Hold on tight...

TM         29/09/2013 06:17:58
Good morning Brenda and Gary, you're up early. Thank you for your donation last night - that sounds a long time ago. We have battled Davy Jones locker since then. They say it's always darkest before dawn and it is.

Gary & Brenda         29/09/2013 06:06:23
Who is your navigator - if your heading north that is uphill? - why do you think most pirates go to the Caribbean - its down hill...!

TM         29/09/2013 05:44:01
jari, olen oikealle ulos runner pavut

TM         29/09/2013 05:42:44
Jari, good to hear from you again, Miten soutu menossa?

Jari The Viking         29/09/2013 05:39:31
Good Morning England. Mikään FBC tai sinisen kanavan katsomaan niin i virittää merirosvo esitys vuosien jälkeen. löydän toimintaa.Rasvaa poika näen täällä kotimaassani tekee kuvia karhuja.

TM         29/09/2013 05:39:26
Taxi for Mr. Energy!


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