Friday, June 05, 2020

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SarahsMnD         29/09/2013 08:19:36
Just woken up and while tea brewing idly wondered if you maniacs were still at it....Bloody are!!Glad to see Sessy keeping the score...makes my old heart proud...Well done the lot of you..not long now.

Dianne          29/09/2013 08:14:09
Morning boys you're all looking pretty fantastic, wont pop in though as I don't expect you smell so good!
You're on the home stretch now XXX

Flossie         29/09/2013 08:11:49
Morning guys and Sarah,
Not far to go now, fantastic effort - knew you would all be great xxx

TM         29/09/2013 08:11:13
Good morning and you are very welcome on this flight BA0805. We will be cruising at approx 314000metres having recently passed Anfield in Liverpool. There is no smoking on the flight (Derek) and light refreshments will be served (when Richard gets back from MacDonalds). We invite you to sit back and watch the inflight entertainment, a change to last nights showing of Borat.

Katrina         29/09/2013 08:01:22
Good morning all..
WOW! You guys are truly amazing!!!
Just read some of your super messages..
Am with you for the next two hours..
Forward ho! :-) x

Geraldine         29/09/2013 07:59:24
So its the morning after the night before, I seem to have some bizarre recollection of lime green and bare flesh, strange not sure what that was all about, anyway feeling rather tired, not used to late nights.

Good morning boys & Sarah, not long to go now final two hours easy xx

Miss Money Penny         29/09/2013 07:40:24
Gentlemen you have "TRUE GRIT" keep on task I pledge £15

Vodka         29/09/2013 07:33:59
Spooky - beat you to it Clash City Rocker!!

PS; always happy to throw a few insults in Victor's direction.

Watching The Pirates has ALMOST inspired me to head off to the gym for a stint on the rower .... but then again I think I'll just have another coffee and continue watching you lot put yourselves through the pain instead!

Clash City Rocker         29/09/2013 07:21:46
Just over 2 hours to go and they are still going strong although they look tired sore & knackered. So come on everyone lets send some messages of support to see them to the magic 24. Even vodka induced insults aimed at Victor welcome...if you are awake Claudine?

Vodka         29/09/2013 07:21:15
Fantastic effort guys - you all still seem to be in good spirits ..... or is that just hysteria?!

I'm just thankful I missed Neale sporting his mankini otherwise I'd now be off to arrange myself some counselling sessions!!

Seriously though gents - an absolutely amazing effort!!!


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