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The Ferryman         22/11/2009 11:06:54
Pirates bring back the Bounty. Well Done Team

The fittest shall survive yet the unfit may live

The Ferryman         21/11/2009 09:42:52
Seems Mr Shaun has spent to much time preparing for his rowing events and not been concentrating on his work commitments. this has now left him some what financially embarrassed. He is now selling all his worldly shackals on ebay. I am willing to make a bid for one of his vital organs if and when I need it

DISILLUSIONED OF LOCKING ROAD         08/11/2009 20:38:37
Following weigh in at High street chemist and with a B.M.I Approaching Hanham proportions i once again came to this site for inspiration , still nothing. Thought i would set example and managed 4,500 mtrs in 20 mins at Hutton moor before my arse went numb.Please do something or set your camera up at the Hiscocks abode i need some action..

Perry Groves fan club         28/10/2009 21:14:46
Live action please, or i will be around for a quick Hiscock tomoro.

The Ferryman         23/10/2009 20:35:14
Misses the action last night (thur) believe there was a guest rower on the webcam . Whould it be possible to post the action on You Tube.
Why use you own toilet paper when you can use someone elses. He's been band from sainsbury for over usage .


Perry groves fan club         15/10/2009 11:24:21
I have logged on now 5 times to see some live action, following tip off from local Chauffeur and seen nothing. Starting to wonder if its all a wind up. Get your haircut and get training..

Peeping Tom         13/10/2009 20:00:10
Shaun your bra needs a bigger cup size!

The Ferryman         13/10/2009 18:28:30
If we don't get some action soon. We will have to get Sky back and thats £20 a month minimum

The Ferryman         07/10/2009 20:14:50
Nice bit of action tonite but must you wear your mums bloomers.

Evolving up from little snails

Wifey         07/10/2009 20:12:36
I was looking for the porn channel, but this will do!


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