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Brow mopper         31/12/2009 21:38:49
He likes the messages though they are encouraging him, keep it up all you funny people.

Brow mopper         31/12/2009 21:36:14
Just passed half way mark. This is hard work. I have to keep writing things down and walking in and out.

Brow mopper         31/12/2009 21:34:18
Jimi hendrix is dead

Crouching Tiger         31/12/2009 21:28:33
Keep going Shaun, you are well ahead of GB & catching up with World Record. You look a bit like Jimi Hendrix

marc, claire, katrina         31/12/2009 21:06:39
doin good shaun, keep it goin!! x

John and Jean         31/12/2009 20:54:11
Looking good Sean. Keep it going and you can do it. See you later.
John Jean and Tom

Supporters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!         31/12/2009 20:19:57
At Marc's watching on the web cam -Just make sure you change your headband every hour!! Go Go Go!!

Crouching Tiger         31/12/2009 20:12:35
Keep going Shaun! Phee says you look like Mick Jagger!

Lisa Harrhy         31/12/2009 19:59:24
No doubt uncle Shaun you can do it, am watching you!!!

Lisa,wayne and girls xx

corey (marcs step son)         31/12/2009 19:39:29
come on shaun keep it up!!!!!!


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