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Crouching Tiger         31/12/2009 22:53:07
Keep going Shaun, I've failed at the Cheesecake it was just a bridge too far. But I now you can make it all the way!

A Lurker         31/12/2009 22:48:38
Will them sweatie pants be on ebay in the morning. I sure perrys fan club would love to have them. and turn that radiator off otherwise they wont go home .

wear gaudy colors or avoid display

Cousin Kevin         31/12/2009 22:44:46
Pot the kettle on for them but dont let them near the fridge.

Brow mopper         31/12/2009 22:28:41
Welcome Johnny and your fans. Shaun wants to know who is Jonathan?

The Ferryman         31/12/2009 22:25:51
Just watched some part time pirate on TV. Now back to a real pirate and real action . c.u later

Them that die will be the lucky uns

Johnny         31/12/2009 22:19:38
We have got you 5 new fans. So keep it up as they will be gutted if you don't smash the record.
Sorry not 5 as Jonathan says he can not support someone he fancies!

katrina         31/12/2009 22:01:38
well done brow mopper ur doin a brill job ur doin well shaun xx

PeeDee         31/12/2009 21:57:01
If you could harness all that energy it would light WSM for...Oh about a millisecond I reckon! They are all watching you at Eastcote Shaun..keep going!
PS If that string breaks it could ruin the radiator!

Crouching Tiger         31/12/2009 21:52:32
I am undertaking my own marathon endurance event concurrently and am over half way through! I have tackled the tiramasu, trifle and profiteroles and will now attempt that traecle tart and cheesecake! Keep going both of you!

James          31/12/2009 21:49:32
keep it up it up shaun ,
you can do it .


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