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corey (marcs step son)         31/12/2009 23:53:57
keep it up i bet u can do it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good luck :-)

Crouching Tiger         31/12/2009 23:51:58
Keep it going Shaun, we here for the duration. You can do it!

bored from locking road         31/12/2009 23:44:23
expect Ginge and hiscocks in bed by now but we are still her behind you. Even though small child has bad wind...

marc, claire, katrina and 7 others here!         31/12/2009 23:42:01
nearly there but need to go faster!
get the whip out Brow Mopper!

les & wendy         31/12/2009 23:12:03
keep going shaun your doing really well. xx

Roy Castle         31/12/2009 23:07:55
hark Is that Norris and Ross knocking at the door

Brow mopper         31/12/2009 23:02:51
Chips for me thanks. Shaun doesn't want anything.

bored from locking road         31/12/2009 23:01:23
just popped in to offer words of encouragement , did not even stop to make us a coffee. Get looked after better round ginges. get your haircut!!!

pie eater         31/12/2009 22:58:32
Watching both of you working as made me hungry. Do either of you want anything from the chippy

Eat yourself fitter You know it makes more sense

Purity Pinker         31/12/2009 22:54:34
It's OK they've gone, you can go round now


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