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katrina         01/01/2010 01:11:25
come on bro! nearly there, you can do it! xxxx

bored of locking road         01/01/2010 01:08:21
gone to bed now , computer is in small childs room and he has to go to sleep. keep going...

pie eater         01/01/2010 00:58:19
Wot do you want for breakfast

Food for thought

les & wendy         01/01/2010 00:39:58
come on little bruv.... John O' Groats ain't far now.......x

bored of locking road         01/01/2010 00:39:32
hurry up , way passed my bed time

claire         01/01/2010 00:09:15
Come on Nan where's your whip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! almost there come on Shaun go go go...x

Crouching Tiger         01/01/2010 00:04:22
Happy New Year everyone, make it a British Record year Mr Shaun! Speed up for the finish, keep going!

les & wendy         01/01/2010 00:03:05
happy new year shaun....... keep it going you can do it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xx

Katrina         01/01/2010 00:00:03
wow what a way to see in the new year am so proud of my little bro! happy new year! x

marc         31/12/2009 23:56:31
Happy New Year Uncle Shaun!
Up the pace and you'll do it!!!


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