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Lisa Harrhy         01/01/2010 10:59:36
well done uncle shaun, i'm so proud of you x

Shaun and Sarah         01/01/2010 03:20:21
Happy to confirm challenge completed in 7:19:16. As yet unconfirmed but assumed new British Record. Thank you to all supporters, here in body as well as cyberland. Your words of encouragement and jokes kept us going through the dark parts of the evening.

Eva         01/01/2010 02:20:21
Well Done!! Glad to see you're all chilling out with the champers now!! :-)

Johnny         01/01/2010 01:29:46
Well done on a new British record. Fantastic to watch during a new years eve dinner party we missed midnight watching you.
Well done again from all the Burrows' & all our guests.
Johnny B & Jonathan x

PeeDee         01/01/2010 01:28:31
Bloody Well Done Shaun!! New Record holder. You are definitely excused doing the washing up tomorrow!
PeeDee & 'Er Indoors

Family Stacey         01/01/2010 01:27:35
Well Done now go to Bed. A proud sponsor

the fittest shall survive yet the unfit may live

claire and katrina         01/01/2010 01:26:53
wouldn't have missed it for the world, you're a star!! well done xxxx

Crouching Tiger         01/01/2010 01:23:41
well done from everyone here . brilliant

les & wendy         01/01/2010 01:23:32

les & wendy         01/01/2010 01:12:20
end in sight...... go go go !!!!!!!


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