Tuesday, September 22, 2020

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Tony Griffiths         08/04/2014 20:30:10
Aberfan Canoe Club race is being held on Sunday 15 June Pencelli on the Brecon Canal; full deatils can be found on the clun website at WWW.ABERFANCANOECLUB.CO.UK

Hopefully we will see some of your members again this year.

Ged Hoick         08/11/2013 16:51:00
I have been hearing of new record attempt by mixed duo and am hoping Naked fat boy will be in this team . Despite changes in medication and several treatments i cannot get image out of my head . Please keep updates coming .

Dear Ged         01/10/2013 18:01:34
Lucky for you Ged there is talk of another record attempt next year. Keep up the treatments and tune in then!!!!!!

Ged Hoick         30/09/2013 16:23:56
I am most unhappy, i had to visit the correction facility for more treatments and i appear to have been missing the naked fat boy whilst wearing love mask . Is it possible yes to view the highlights .

The Durstons         29/09/2013 20:30:50
Well done you old sea dogs, now off with you and pillage westons treasures

Michele         29/09/2013 13:14:27
Derek didn't make lunch, sleeping like a baby x

Tess Daley         29/09/2013 11:34:35
.....my favourite one is the one in yellow that sits on the sofa all the time

Jake Hannam         29/09/2013 11:18:22
Good effort dad! 34 minutes to go COME ON!!!!!!!!

Katrina         29/09/2013 10:36:39

Tubbs         29/09/2013 10:28:58
Champions of the world!!!! Well done all ...... amazing effort


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