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100,000m Indoor Rowing Record Attempt (Men 40-49 Lwt)

Start Time 31/12/2009 18:00:00 Latest Update 01/01/2010 01:19:16 Elapsed Time 07:19:16
  100K 90K 80K 70K 60K 50K 40K 30K 20K 10K 0K Finishing Time Average
07:19:16 2:11.7
British Record
World Record
06:52:24 2:03.7
British Record 07:24:32 by John Simpson (2007) World Record 06:52:24 by Pentti Soini, Finland (2004)
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From: Kyla
02/01/2010 16:16:52
Well Done uncle Shaun!!! Proud of you x

From: katrina
02/01/2010 15:52:24
Well Done Shaun!!!.. I watched all 7 hrs 19 mins 16 sec of it plus Brow Mopper serving you some well earned sustenance, except for loo and drink breaks! Had i realised that was what you were doing i'd have come round and spurred you on instead of sitting cuddling the laptop for all that time ha! But what a way to see in 2010 it was brill, am very proud of my little bro!!! xXx

From: Slings
02/01/2010 10:24:07
Congratulations Shaun.........Always knew you were a superhero

From: simon lund
01/01/2010 17:07:08
What an extraordinary effort Shaun. You should be very proud of yourself. Well done you. Tought of you during Whites' New Year's party.

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